Getting Started

Here is how to get started with the Infinity IoT system. 7 easy steps. Click on each step to get more information.

Start Here

Buy Infinity IoT

First step, you need a watch or a box. get one according to your needs. You can get it from this website directly or from any of our distributors around the world. Click here to shop


Register an Account

Register an account at Infinity IoT Platform to gain access to our Command & Control system. Click here to open the platform


See Your Device

Inside the Infinity IoT platform, under “My Devices”, you will already see your device inside. take a tour in the Infinity IoT Platform.


Get to know your device

Use our IoT platform to turn on and off features and see the changes happen in real time on your device.


What to build?

Think about what is it that you want the watch / box to do? is it for your own use / company? is it for a project? inside the Infinity IoT Platform you can see the 7 tools we created for development. We are always here to help. Inside the Infinity box and Infinity watch menu pages you can find some use cases that our clients has built.


How to Develop?

Are you an Android developer? Write your own APK app using our Infinity SDK inside our IoT platform.
Not and Android developer? Use our API to control the device from your service / system.
Are you a Linux developer? Install your linux scripts inside.
Not a developer at all? use our “Actions” tab inside the Infinity platform, which is a similar feature to IFTTT or by using Alexa or Google Assistant.


All Set

That’s all. your device is ready to go. You can purchase more devices and install the same behavior inside​. We are here to help for any assistant you need during your progress. 

Enjoy Your Device